Talent Accelerator

November 2 – 9am Central – Writing Purple Module


START your book!

Get your ideas out of your head.
Tips from famous writers.
From one book to series.
Word or Scrivner or Onenote?

This course is limited to 10 people.


Everyone you know has said “you should write a book” and yet, the words are frozen in your head. Join Shirley Gutkowski for this Purple Module of the Talent Accelerator get your book out of your head. This is a single 3-hour class where learning gets something done! Step 1, develop a passion. Step 2, realize what a book can do for you, Step 3 get it out of your head!!

Spend 3 hours learning tools to get your book started. Children’s books? Books for hygienists? Books for dentists? Books for consumers? They all start here!

You’ll be emailed a link to the class early on the morning of the class. We’ll be using zoom.us.
This class is not recorded, everyone will be asked to show how they’re doing so everyone will be able to use Xmind, set up Word, intro to Scrivner, Intro to Onenote. This is not a grammar class.

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