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The Purple Guide: Developing Your Clinical Dental Hygiene Career


Shirley Gutkowski, RDH, BSDH and Amy Nieves, RDH have written the first book for new graduates in the field of dental hygiene. From the time the realization sets in that a real appointment is usually less than an hour, dental hygiene students worry about providing optimum care in the allotted time frame. This book helps new graduates allay those fears and learn that there is a difference between excellence and perfection. Excellence is attainable.

  • Questions to ask your prospective employer during your interview and helpful employer/employee relationship advice once you get the job.
  • How to use insurance codes.
  • Scripts to help answer tough questions from patients.
  • Over 100 tips to use in your treatment room regarding everything from sealant placement to how to remove stuck floss.
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Hello Hygienists and Future Hygienists!

Since the year 2000 I’ve been on a mission to make your life easier. I’ve written articles and traveled the world helping dental hygienists be the best they can be under numerous conditions. Then I collaborated with other hygienists and wrote this series of books to make it easier for you.

The RDH Purple Guide link below will take you to my site that is currently geared towards supplying you with the books you’ll refer to over and over. Unlike nursing, dental hygienists don’t have many books to refer to for career advancement or development.

Thank you for your purchases, and let me know if you’re interested in collaborating with me on a new title.