What’s weaning? With Gill Rapley

March 14, 2016

What’s weaning? With Gill Rapley

What’s weaning? with Gill Rapley

Gill Rapley has worked as a public health nurse and a midwife. She has also been a voluntary breastfeeding counsellor, and qualified as a lactation consultant in 1994. From 1996 to 2010 she worked for the UNICEF UK Baby Friendly Initiative, helping hospitals and health professionals to implement best practice for breastfeeding, for mothers and babies. Gill gained a Master’s degree in 2005 and has recently achieved a PhD. She is currently a part-time university lecturer and writer on infant feeding. She is credited as the originator of the term ‘baby-led weaning’ and as the pioneer of this approach worldwide..

In 2010 her book Baby Led Weaning came out in paperback.

The discussion with Dr. Rapley on this episode of Cross Link Radio crosses a couple of topics. What does the World Health Organization say about weaning? What should the first foods be? Are the coated spoons something parents should use? What about sippy cups?

Listen and enjoy learning about the new science on eating and foods for beginning eaters.

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