CAREERfusion Monday – What Partners Want

July 13, 2015

CAREERfusion Monday – What Partners Want

CAREERfusion Monday returns!

CAREERfusion partners come for a variety of reasons. In this episode Shirley talks to Gaylene Baker a CAREERfusion member as a partner and as an individual. Tune in to learn why CAREERfusion Partners want to be members! Gaylene attended as part of a company and as a member, as well. Our discussion goes from the before breakfast intention setting yoga stretch, to the evening receptions. Partners are all looking out for potential people to work with, or show what they learned in their movement in this and other industries. Join us.

Some of the Partners will be looking to hire, some are looking for input on the company or product. Some find new reasons for attending once they see the opportunities. The 2015 partners include:

Xlear, American Eagle, Crest Oral-B, Periodyne, Sunstar, Straumann, Coltene, Young Dental, VOCO.

For another look at CAREERfusion check out this interview with Mark Fris and Laurie Samuels. Mark interviews Shirley and Laurie about the experiences there and what people can expect.

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