Two for One! Summit!

September 10, 2017

Two for One! Summit!

Two for one! Summit!

Scott and Bonnie stopped in to talk about their exciting Functional Oral and Airway Health Summit starting in September. For one magical week you can watch and listen to interviews with Shirley Gutkowski, Dr. Allison Hazelbaker, Amy Doneen, Chip Whitney, MD, Eric Zaremski, DDS and many many more!

Scott is a co-founder of Healthy Mouth Media. He received his DDS degree from Georgetown University School of Dentistry. His background includes clinical practice in general dentistry and periodontal health. He is a published author of everything from a dental advice newspaper column to peer-reviewed articles in top-tier dental journals, as well as his own frequently cited comprehensive review article on nanotechnology in dentistry. He is also a clinical researcher with over 20 years’ experience investigating how the body can heal itself…if we let it.

Bonnie is a co-founder of Healthy Mouth Media. She received her BSBA degree from the University of Connecticut, initially working in the accounting field before starting her own company, writing her first book and realizing that research and writing were her passions.  

When she met Scott, she soon realized that with her business and writing background, she could help him realize his vision of bringing cutting-edge, actionable information to the dental and general health-care consumer. Working with Scott, she has developed an interest in dentistry and has become deeply involved in research and writing.

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