The Sugar Show – Inositol

October 21, 2015

The Sugar Show – Inositol

The Sugar Show – Inositol

Inositol is a vital sugar, nearly on the level of a vitamin! As a person living in the USA and a person with a higher heath IQ you may not even know about this important nutriant that comes from, are you sitting down? – Grain. Arggghhh.

Dr. Kim Vanderlinden has degrees in Naturopathic medicine (1992) and Chinese Medicine (1996) and practiced for almost 2 decades.

Dr. Vanderlinden wrote a book called “Too Good To Be True?” that highlights the multiple health benefits of a molecule called IP6 for immune support, bone density and blood sugar to name a few. Get your free copy of the book by sending Dr. Vanderlinden an email.

Today he is the president of Hope Science Inthe suppliers of EFAC and also the president of Periodyne LLC the supplier to dental offices of a remarkable new product for gum health.

Always focused on science, Dr Vanderlinden has played a key role in several original clinical research projects using natural products.

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