Sandra Coulson building a practice

April 29, 2017

Sandra Coulson building a practice

Sandra Coulson and Shirley talk about how to build a practice and what’s necessary as you navigate around the arena.

In this Crosslink Radio episode recorded at the AAMS Congress in Chicago, IL in March 2017, Shirley interviewed Sandra Colson SLP, OMT of the Coulson Institute, on the topic of private practice start up for OMT.

Myofunctional therapy is a growing field with approximately 90 graduates each quarter, in the USA.   Current employment opportunities are limited, requiring the OMT to start their own business.   Typical new OM therapists have been in careers which did not require a business background so that aspect of the OMT career is all new territory. To address some of the issues encountered, this discussion focused on some common topics for a starting practice.

Sandra has several years’ experience in private practice and touched on several aspects of managing and owning a practice including a software program, marketing, and referral sources, insurance and hiring a quality accountant. Sandra shared how she was able to raise awareness of Myofunctional therapy to local providers and the public to help expand the patient base of her practice.

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