Myo Made Easy Rhonda the OMT patient

June 18, 2017

Myo Made Easy Rhonda the OMT patient

Myo Made Easy-Rhonda Collier

Rhonda Collier is the President and CEO of Myo Made Easy, a company that supplies Myofunctional Therapy Products. Shirley interviewed Rhonda in March 2017 while in attendance at the Academy of Applied Myofunctional Sciences Congress in Chicago. Rhonda became involved with OMT as a patient and parent of a patient.

Rhonda shared her extended dental history which included obvious signs of OMD. After her third relapse of orthodontic treatments, including a surgical approach, her Orthodontist recommended an OMT, where she completed therapy successfully and been able to maintain her health. Currently, Rhonda’s son is also receiving OMT successfully.

The experiences with therapy have lead Rhonda to start her own company to provide the tools patients require to complete treatment. By providing all the supplies needed for therapy, Myo Made Easy allows the therapist to focus on therapy and not finding the tools to work with.

Ordering supplies is easy for the therapist or patient. The company is constantly adding to the product line, which includes numerous products in various colors and flavors to help increase compliance. The website also offers a book and puppet to help introduce children to OMT. You can check out the products at

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