Ready to Start Your Business? – Laurel Loomer

July 16, 2015

Ready to Start Your Business? – Laurel Loomer

Ready to start your business? 

What’s a motivated person to do, start a business, that’s what. Shirley’s guest today is Laurel Loomer, a hypermotivated dental hygienist turned lawyer. Laurel has a special place in her heart for people who are starting businesses, and having started a few herself, would like to help them get their feet off the ground.

Laurel Loomer is a RDHAP and a lawyer. She’s worked in dental hygiene for the last 18 years, and was awarded her RDHAP license in 2006.  She started a dental hygiene business in 2007 and it has been a profitable business ever since.  Next she graduated from Lincoln Law School of San Jose and passed the bar in 2012. She still treats residents in nursing homes part time, while also practicing law. Recently Laurel decided to create a program for business owners and aspiring entrepreneurs.  The program will give practical help with the nuts and bolts of starting a business, as well as helping people deal with the mind monkeys that can crop up when people challenge the status quo.

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