What patients know with Christa

June 6, 2016

What patients know with Christa

What patients know with Christa.

What patients know with Christa Crilley McConaghy Pennsylvania dental hygienist.  Christa is currently Vice President of the Montgomery Bucks Dental Hygiene Association in PA and working clinically in a family practice in Penndel, PA. She has been a licensed Registered Dental Hygienist since her graduation from Montgomery County Community College in 1996 and a BS in Oral Healthcare Promotion from O’Hehir University in 2013.  Her career goals are to improve oral health care by implementing disease prevention programs into offices and help hygienists and dentists realize the potential their dental hygiene department has on their practice through clinical and consultative services and through her website www.opencontactdental.com.

In Nov 2012, after 9 years at one office, she quit a job in which the dentist did not give her permission to implement preventive measures into the hygiene department.  The dentist only wanted her to teach brushing and flossing and did not want to hear anything about pH, remineralization or salivary bacterial testing. She then went on the search to find a better place to share her newly acquired knowledge.

“All of this has made me believe that we as a profession need to market ourselves and our National Association needs to start educating the public on how educated we are and what we can accomplish for them (less dentistry and saving money).”

Shirley and Christa talk about her capstone project at O’Hehir University. Christa asked her patients what they knew about their dental hygiene appointment and the difference between having their teeth cleaned by a dentist or dental hygienist. What she found is that most people, even those who are regular dental patients don’t know what a dental hygienist is.

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