Linda D’Onofrio Speech Practice

March 25, 2017

Linda D’Onofrio Speech Practice

Linda D’Onofrio Speech Practice

Everyone is part of a special population. In this Cross Link Radio episode recorded in March 2017 at the Academy of Applied Myofunctional Sciences Congress in Chicago, Shirley interviewed Linda D’Onofrio, a Certified Speech Language Pathologist, and speaker at the congress, about her topic of teaching orofacial myofunctional therapy to special populations.

OMT and the “special” population- Linda D’Onofrio

Linda D’Onofrio Certified-SLP has a private practice in Portland Oregon specializing in: structural and sensory-motor based speech, OMF and feeding disorders, social cognitive disorders and developmental speech disorders. Linda is a past president of the Oregon Speech-Language & Hearing Association and presents and teaches on her areas of specialty.

Patients don’t need to be a permanent part of a special population to be special needs patient. Special needs can include the grumpy old man, the non-compliant teenager, or high anxiety patients. Taking the time to identifying what the special need is and customizing your plan to meet the need of each individual is important for all patients.

Linda discussed strategies she uses during the evaluation which includes getting to know your patient and family, their likes, and patient goals from therapy and how they learn to properly prepare for therapy. This involves looking at the whole person including the family/supportive environment to identify what type of therapy will work best for the patient. Linda stressed proper prepping and framing therapy helps to ensure therapy is successful for all patients, including the special needs patient.

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