CE Zoom to the rescue

October 2, 2017

CE Zoom to the rescue

CE Zoom to the rescue

CE Zoom to the rescue for dental hygienists and others in the dental field who need to keep track of their continuing education credits.

CE Zoom Kat and Sara

Most states have requirements for continuing education hours. And they have to be in the right categories, the right time, and the right kind. For instance, it matters if it’s online, in person, or on paper.  For most people it’s hard to know what your state requires and calling on the phone can be a circle of pain. More often than not, people look for their CE after hours, maybe even in the middle of the night. CE Zoom is your answer.

Sara Theil had a pretty bumpy road as a dental hygienist. She found herself at the end of the year without the required number of credits for her state. Pregnant, with an attitude not becoming of a professional getting up to date on her education, she paid over $1000 for the required number of credits, and through a series of mishaps destroyed the proof. Listen to how Sara, and her friend Kat, made lemonade out of a horrible situation and they now help many others with their CE management.


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