CAREERfusion 2018 Start your year

October 5, 2017

CAREERfusion 2018 Start your year

CAREERfusion 2018 Start your year

CAREERfusion 2018 start your year with a bang. Networking and building lasting friendships is the crux of everyone’s life; inside and outside of business. At this meeting old and new friends get together to ignite their passion and put it to work for them. Beth Thompson, Director of CAREERfusion talks with Shirley about this upcoming meeting.

Beth has been writing and presenting CE for over 30 years.  Additionally, she started the Scherer Labs sales force, providing jobs for over 50 hygienists. Following that she was Director of Education for the Jon O Butler Company, then initiated the sales and marketing team for Optiva Corp the original makers of sonicare.

In 2006 she launched CareerFusion to provide skills and a vast industry network to launch speakers, writers, sales and marketing, and recharge clinical passion.

The special feature of this year’s CAREERfusion is How to Build and Maintain a Million Dollar Territory!

Let’s remember that you’re the CEO of your own career.  Let CAREERfusion help you build the network that will take you to you’re next level and beyond.

Here you go! - Shirley Dismiss