3 Dentist Visits – Shirley Gutkowski

May 21, 2015

3 Dentist Visits – Shirley Gutkowski

A few weeks ago I drove down to Chicago for a visit with three different dental offices. All super different. One was a practice that focuses on airway in pediatric dentistry. When the doctor does do braces he focuses on airway not aesthetics. What he finds is that he has superior aesthetics when he follows the airway. Listen in to find out what that means.

Another pediatric dentist focuses on home care an biofilm management. He sells products from his office, products he believes, he understands, and that help his patients keep their teeth. He also was just awarded a grant to study oral bacteria in autism. He’ll be a guest on Cross Link Radio in the near future as his study starts.

The third office is a general cosmetic dentist who uses blood values to guide his treatment plans. He’s the first dentist I ever met using blood tests and has been finding patients have annoying and serious problems based on those blood tests, he’s not a physician.

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