Dental Hygienist’s Guided Mastermind

One of the greatest pleasures of a dental hygienist is to have healthy patients. Sometimes dentists stand in the way, and sometimes dental hygienists just need to know a little more. That’s what Dental Hygienists Guided Mastermind is about: helping dental hygienists the best they can be using this patient focused approach.

Weekly online meetings. No focus on money or getting money out of patients, just down home down right offering the best possible solution to a patient’s problem. We’ll only talk about fees in the abstract.

Each month up to 8 members of the GMM group will focus on one of the top areas of dental hygiene research. We’ll find a way to incorporate it into your own practice.

Each month we’ll meet online and I’ll offer total email support during the month. You’ll receive a copy of Paper Persona, a $45 value, as part of the materials you’ll use to work more effectively and efficiently. Focusing on the patient and their needs, not the insurance needs, will make this a holistic dental hygiene approach.

You’ll receive expert guidance with my relationships with industry giants like: Beth Thompson, Kim Kutsch, Joy Moeller, Patti DiGangi, Debbie Sabatini, Mark Cannon, John Peldyak, Marty Jablow, Jackie Sanders and so many more.

Don’t miss out on this unique opportunity to network with Shirley and others who are in the same boat as you are. Contact Shirley right now

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About the Author
Shirley Gutkowski, host of Cross Link Radio, is a practicing orofacial myofunctional therapist illuminating the links between oral and systemic health.