Cross Link Radio host – Shirley Gutkowski, RDH, BSDH Speaking Engagments

Cross Link Radio host Shirley Gutkowski started her speaking career as an outgrowth of her writing for the most popular dental hygiene magazine in the United States, RDH Magazine in 2000 and soon became a columnist. Her monthly column, Thinking Sharply, was highly regarded and brought many new ideas to the forefront. Invitations to speak around the country started to appear and after a very rocky start, Shirley became a very popular and sought after speaker.

Shirley nearly lost her dental hygiene job in 1998 for telling a patient with chronic untreated periodontal disease that he was at risk for heart attack not just losing his teeth. Her challenge is to have medicine include dental hygienists in all areas of medicine, because all of the research points to biofilm manipulation as the key to decreasing risk for all kinds of diseases, and that’s the dental hygienist’s purview. This motivated her to make sure dental practitioners understood that dentistry is not microcarpentry. The frontier of the airway in dentistry and the practice of orofacial myofunctional therapy offers a dimension to her presentations.

Today her focus is speaking to consumer and medical groups to bridge the gap between medicine and dentistry. Research is pointing to collaboration between medical disciplines and dentistry. So, Shirley is ready to speak to all types of medical groups from Diabetes Educators, to Cardiologists, and Pharmacists. Find her Speakers Packet by clicking here.



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