Careerfusion is Group Mentorship

Are you content with your career’s direction? Could you use a boost, or a lifesaver?


The process includes a full year membership and a 4 ½ day Discovery Event each January in Daytona Beach, FL to refine and add skills to enhance your present situation while experiencing networking in a unique and supportive atmosphere. Our membership is annual, join us anytime, there are ongoing opportunities, and learning activities each month to network with corporate, media partners and others on a similar journey to advance, supplement or change your career path. We are here for you year round!Are you interested in discovering how you can use your existing education and expertise in new and exciting ways? Beth and Shirley are here to assist you in your change in direction or attitude adjustment. CareerFusion is designed to help you explore opportunities you never knew existed to fuse your passion with your career.

If your company or your component is looking for a speaker or writer, CareerFusion members have filled thousands of pages in industry publications. They have provided polished presentations, and organizations looking for dental hygiene speakers and dental speakers on topics that vary into exciting aspects of medicine not common until now.

The dental hygiene speakers bureau that we’ve collected and recommend can fill any type of time slot your organization requires, not limited to live in person programs. CareerFusion health care speakers are available for Webinars and podcasts as well. Getting your name or product out there with CareerFusion speakers is easy.

Our speakers who have done Webinars have most of them archived on this Website. Become a registered member of the site and you’ll see a link to Webinars. For more information visit:

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